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Marmalade Made Easy

Welcome back to our vlog!

Today we are going to make a simple ginger orange marmalade. It's a great way to add shelf life to citrus fruit, a delicious way to transform ingredients, and a helpful technique to master.

Citrus marmalade has more uses than you might imagine. Simply spreading them on a nice toasted piece of bread, incorporating them into cakes and cookies,and even using them in savory applications are all possibilities. Definitely give it a try!

We hope you enjoy this and our other videos as well. In this time of social distancing we're doing our best at staying digitally connected by sharing these vlogs with you.

Please drop a comment and let us know if you have any food related questions, ideas for a future vlog, or just to say hello.

Enjoy! Check out this link for great details on the canning process

Music Credit:

Music: Secret Sauce

Musician: Jef

Music: Ice Tea

Musician: Not The King

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