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Hear what our clients are saying about us...
​Festive Baby Shower

"We recently had a party catered by Bespoke Soirees and it was amazing. Greg put so much effort into making each dish and it really showed. Every guest was impressed by all of the offerings. There were no leftovers!" 


Elissa Hobert​

"Greg has been a good friend of ours for some time and so we already knew that he is a talented chef. When we found out that he was starting his own catering business, we were eager to be one of the first to book him for an event. We asked Greg to help us come up with a menu inspired by "MN fair food" and also incorporate in a travel theme for a baby shower that we were hosting and he went above and beyond our expectations. The menu was thoughtfully presented, the food tasted fresh and delicious (he was cooking up a storm in our kitchen and left it cleaner than it was at the end of the event!), and the decorations were all carefully curated by Greg himself (he personally went to an antique store to pick up old luggage tags which we used to decorate a sign). We highly recommend Bespoke Soirees New England for your next event! Their prices are beyond fair and the quality of service is impeccable."


Thanh Vu Erion 

Neighborhood Pop-Up Dinner

"I attended a pop up event hosted by Bespoke Soirees two nights ago, and they did not disappoint. before even the first course was served I was impressed with the decor, our table was set beautifully. the food was delicious, my date and I could tell everything was made with fresh ingredients. each course was better than the last, all with wine pairings! the very last course was an earl grey creme brulee which came with a spiced eggnog. the owners really spare no expense with these events. I'm ready for the next one!"

Sharon Nina Olivo

Private Dinner presented by Bespoke Soirées 
Bespoke Soirees New England-2.jpg
Bespoke Soirees New England-29.jpg

"I recently attended a party catered by Bespoke Soirees that was fantastic. I appreciated the elegance and simplicity of the entirety of the meal. Sometimes caterers focus too heavily on the bells and whistles of an event when at the end of the day all anyone wanted was good food and drink. Greg delivered in all regards and made everything look amazing to boot! It is always hard to create a truly unique and special vegetarian option (the running joke in kitchens is that vegetarians always get the risotto) but Greg put together a savory crepe roulade with a bechamel sauce that was fun and original! The wine pairings were also excellent. Can't wait for the next pop-up!" ​


Chris Topher

Bespoke Birthday For Two

"It was so delicious! Every course was cooked to perfection! I give Bespoke Soirées New England my highest recommendation. Book your event today! You will not be disappointed" ​


Steven Gianquitti Jr. 

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