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Amazing Stuffed Squash

Hey guys and welcome back to another installment of our food vlog.

Today we will be demonstrating how to make a wonderful stuffed squash dish. Although I'm sharing the ingredients I used, there is no real specific recipe here. This is more about a technique and some suggestions on how to use what you have in your house to make a delicious dish such as this one.

We hope you are enjoying these installments and hope they're helping to pass the time. We truly want to stay connected with you all. Even though it is just digitally we hope to share some time with you. Please leave comments below with any specific dishes you would like to see us make, any food related questions you have, or any thing else for that matter.

We are in this together. Here at Bespoke Soirées New , we will try to bring you daily fresh content in the hopes that you might learn something, try something, laugh a little bit, and stay positive.

Music credit:

Music: Ice Tea

Musician: Not The King

Music: Secret Sauce

Musician: Jef

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